Studio Adorn was founded in 2013 by us, Sivan & Craig, owners of Sivan Photography. After searching for rental space for boudoir photos and having no luck, we decided to not only open a studio for our own use, but to rent it out to other photographers who need it just as much as we do.

We were sitting at our favorite coffee shop (Axum in Winter Garden) discussing the details of a boudoir studio; it truly seemed unattainable. We talked about all of the  amazing details that Sivan had envisioned.  She wanted a huge, open space with no walls, and with dark wood floors. She wanted there to be floor-to-ceiling windows, and all on the 2nd floor so that her boudoir lovelies could feel more comfortable.  We looked around on the surface, but decided it wasn’t the time. Besides, could we ever really find a space like that in Orlando? Sivan pictured a New York ballet studio; elegant, classy, romantic.

One day, after a boudoir bash, Sivan couldn’t take it anymore. Her excitement was through the roof, and so we started driving all over Winter Garden and Ocoee looking for “space available” signs. Just as she was about to give up and head home, she thought “let me turn into this one last plaza and see if there’s anything.” We had no idea our dream space was literally walking distance from our house. It had everything we wanted!

In no time we decided to lease the space and renovate it. It took about a month of hard work to get it to where it is today. Our goal is to provide photographers a unique space to let their imaginations flourish. With endless combinations of setups, you and your client will be more than pleased with the one-of-a-kind final product! This space is truly a photographer's playground.

Sivan & Craig Rettew


We are a husband and wife team with big dreams. We are constantly brainstorming ideas for our next project. We both run Studio Adorn while Sivan runs her very successful photography company,  Sivan Photography, and I work on several other projects.

In 2009, after working for a chain photography company for one year, Sivan decided to take her photography passion to the next level. While her first love was Health Medicine (her degree is in Micro & Molecular Biology from UCF), photography quickly found its way into her life.

I received my Electrical Engineering degree from UCF back in 2008. I worked in the industry for 6 years before leaving and starting a project with a couple of friends. Soon afterwards, Sivan and I  decided to open Studio Adorn and share it with the community!

Feel free to call or email us anytime, we're very friendly!