Should You Have a Website for Your Business?

Yes! Plain and simple, especially in our era of technology. Everyone has a small computer in their pocket, and when they are looking for a service, where do they go?

When a possible customer is looking for a service, they are bound to use Google. When they do, you want your business to not only show up, but to have a website linked. If a potential customer can browse your website, they are able to get an idea of what you offer, and make a more informed decision.  Not sold that you NEED a website? Well, here are a few reasons to help get you motivated.  

·     Everyone is always ONLINE

A recent study estimated that the average adult spends nearly 12 hours online every day! If that not reason enough then I don’t know what will convince you!

 ·     Customers EXPECT it

If your business does not have an online presence, customers feel that you are not committed and aren’t interested in finding new customers. They will often go with your competitor, who has a website. 

·     Legitimizes your business

Makes your business legit because you now have an online presence, which shows that you are invested in your business.

·     Potential Clients

A website offers a way for potential clients to find out about you and your brand. It is also a great place to send clients to find out more about your business.

·     You control information and branding

When you have a website, you are in control of the information provided. It creates an official presence online so you can speak for yourself. User comments are great but can often sway your message or ideas. By laying it all out on your website there is no room for misinterpretation.  

Creating a website can be a big undertaking, but done right, it will pay off in the end and be well worth your time and investment. 


Helping Your Client Pick the Best Photos After a Session!

So, it’s that time, the end of the photo shoot. Now you have hundreds of images to sort through, edit, and finally present to your client.  Sometimes it can be challenging to know which pictures to include in the portfolio. By choosing the right images, your client will have a great experience and won’t be overwhelmed. 

Here are some tips to help your clients select the best images after a photo shoot.

1. Offer a variety of proofs

When selecting images to present, think about variety. You want your client to have a variety of proofs in each outfit, background, and a variety of different expressions, and poses. 

2. Show the very best, NOT everything

Limit your selections to your very best work. If you offer too many images your client will likely be overwhelmed and the process can become stressful. These photos will be shared by your client with all of their friends and family, and will be a representation of your work and brand to people who could be potential clients. 

3. Have face to face meeting when going through proofs

Posting your clients proofs to an online gallery can take away from the personal service they may be wanting. It is much harder to convey your thoughts as to why you like an image via text or e-mail. Customer Service and making the client feel special and respected can have a huge impact on their experience. Which in turn can lead to a recommendation!

4. Collaborate during the selection process

If the selection process is left primarily to the client, they may end up with a small selection of images. By having a collaborative selection process it can help close the gap and allow for a selection of photos that are optimal for not only your client but images that show your photography style and represent your brand. Remember, they are a representation of your work!