Spotlight Studio Renters July 11th, 2018!

Spotlight Studio Adorn Photographers

R.J. Nelson Photography


ROL Imaging

R.J. Nelson Photography

Rob Nelson is the talent behind R. J. Nelson Photography. He has been in the industry since 1990, and his talents have brought him many opportunities in the commercial photography business! How fun right? Rob now calls Winter Garden, FL home and has brought his passion for photographing to the sunshine state!

 Photo by: R.J. Nelson Photography

Photo by: R.J. Nelson Photography

ROL Imaging

Ray of Light Imaging aka ROL Imaging is a super fun & creative style of photography. Raelyn photograph's ariel and pole poses. She herself is an ariel student, giving her a special place in her heart for this style of photography. Along with acrobatic photography, she also does lifestyle shoots!   


All of life's special moments deserved to be captured and our renters do a phenomenal job at it! We love our renters and want to shine the spotlight on them to show our appreciation! Plus they all have rocking businesses that should be noticed!

20 Topics for Your Photography Blog!

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Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website and show off your talents! We are happy to share some exciting topics as inspiration for your blog! Hopefully these will get your writing juices flowing! 

1.    An introduction about yourself.

2.    What inspired you to become a photographer.

3.    Your favorite style of photography.

4.    Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor photography.

5.    How you learned to shoot manually? Did you take a class or were you self-taught?

6.    Tips you would give someone else who is considering becoming a photographer.

7.    What you should always keep in your photography bag.

8.    What other talents you have besides photography.

9.    Showcase your photography sessions.

10.  Tips on how to coordinate outfits for photo sessions.

11.  Tips on how to get natural smiles from the people you're photographing.

12.  What is the golden hour and why it’s perfect for photos!

13.  What are two things you would like to learn still about photography.

14.  If you had to pick another style of photography (besides yours) to shoot for one day what would it be? 

15.  What kind of camera do you use and why do you love it!

16. Your favorite vendors to work with.

17. A day in the life of you!

18. Before, during and after the shoot!

19. A client's review about you.

20. Write about the newest photography trends.

One more tip for choosing what to write about in your blog is to review your analytics and pick your top three performing blogs then write a prequel or sequel to them! Happy Blogging!