5 Places to Leave Your Business Cards!

Today we essentially have all of the information we need about almost anything right on our smart phones, which are always with us! But don’t forget the power of the business card. Here are 5 great places to leave or pass out your cards.

#1 Always Have Them On You - This is the most important one! You never know where you will be when you just might run into someone who would be the perfect client. You do not want to be caught without one when you need it most!

#2 Coffee Shops - Have you ever noticed that most coffee shops have a bulletin board plastered with business cards? Make sure to leave a couple of yours pinned too! While people are waiting for their coffee they often browse the board and just might find something they need (like YOU)!


#3 Shipping Stores - We’re talking about the UPS and Fed-Ex stores that you can go to and get shipping supplies or ship your packages. These stores typically have a board that you can pin your card onto. You never know who might just see your card, so make sure it’s up there!

#4 Restaurants - After you have enjoyed your meal and service, simply leave a card in the little book with your tip.

#5 Offices You are a Client At - You can ask to leave your cards at any office you use, for example your doctor, dentist, hair stylist, etc!

It’s great to have a website and social media accounts, but don’t underestimate the power of business cards. Always make sure to have them on you and pass them out to everyone. You never know when you will run into your next clients.

Spotlight Studio Renters November 1st, 2018


Caldwell Photographic Studio


Richard Collins Photography

Caldwell Photographic Studio

Caldwell Photographic Studio has 16 years of photography experience. Their style is photo-journalistic with traditional qualities. They are best at making each session unique!

Richard Collins Photography

Richard is an Orlando, Florida based photographer. He specializes in portrait, special occasion, and landscape photography. He strives to capture the best aspects of his client’s lives.

All of life's special moments deserve to be captured and our renters do a phenomenal job at it! We love our renters and want to shine the spotlight on them to show our appreciation! Plus they all have rocking businesses that should be noticed!