3 Tips to Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions!

Woohoo you did it, you made it to 2019, Happy New Years! Along with the new year comes resolutions, and we want to share 3 great tips to help you stick to them. They will help you keep up the momentum so you’re not looking back a couple weeks from now wondering how you already got off track.

  1. Don’t Over Do It: With it being the first week of 2019, you have already set your goals and decided on your resolutions for the year. However, don’t worry, you can still clean them up! It’s easy to enter the new year with a dozen plus resolutions, but all this is going to do is overwhelm you. So before you try to conquer the world all at once, simplify your goals. Go ahead and take a look at what you really plan to achieve this year and pick one or two things that will help get you there. Let the rest go for now.

  2. Make Them for You: Don’t let what others are doing determine what you think is best for you. Stop worrying about what others have set for their New Years Resolutions or what you think they may think of yours! Picking the right resolutions for you gives you the greatest opportunity for success!

  3. Make an Action Plan: You cannot simply say what your resolutions are and expect them to happen overnight. It takes time, effort, planning, and dedication. But how great does it feel good when you make a plan and it actually comes to fruition?! Break your goals into smaller steps, break it down into month, weeks, and daily to dos! And lastly, look up Time Boxing — you’re welcome. ;)