Spotlight Studio Renter April 2018 Alexis Hilyer


Alexis Hilyer

Meet this weeks Studio Adorn Spotlight Studio Renter Alexis Hilyer. She is a fantastic photographer and has a special place in her heart for children. Her love for photography was sparked back in middle school during her first photography class. In high school she was editor in chief for the school newspaper. She continued teaching herself, and began taking photos professionally in 2015. She is currently perusing her BS in Early Childhood Education with a certificate in ASD and preschool disabilities. If you didn't think Alexis had her schedule booked, you will now, she also nannies twin girls! We hope you enjoy learning a little more about her and her love for photography in the fun Q&A below!

Studio Adorn: When and how did you discover your passion for photography?

Alexis Hilyer: It was back in middle school when i took a photography class that i realized how much i loved photography. I practiced over the years and made it a hobby of mine. in my senior year i was editor in chief for our school yearbook. Once i graduated and took some online bootcamps i realized that i could turn my passion into job.

Photo by: Memories Made with Alexis

Photo by: Memories Made with Alexis

SA: Photography is definitely an art, and much like other artists, they seek inspiration from other avenues or artists. Who are some other photographers you seek inspiration from?

AH: I definitely look up to kelly brown. I just love her work and how she mentors other photographers.

SA: Where else does your inspiration come from for your style of photography, in addition to other photographers?

AH: I definitely love pinterest and online facebook photography communities. But what I think inspires me is that one shot I would want captured if the photos were being taken of me. The joy that a someone feels when presented with memories that will last a lifetime is the best gift that anyone could ever receive.

Photo by: Memories Made with Alexis

Photo by: Memories Made with Alexis

SA: How did your time at Studio Adorn benefit your business and repertoire with clients?

AH: Studio Adorn has definitely made my clients see me more professionally I think. It also allows my clients to choose which backgrounds they want to use for their photos.

SA: We know you love photography, but what is another talent or area of interest you have?

AH: I am a certified swim instructor. I also love working with children! Which is why I am a nanny and furthering my education to eventually open my own business one day!

SA: What is your favorite type of photography?

AH: I love family and newborn portraits!

Photo by: Memories Made with Alexis

Photo by: Memories Made with Alexis

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