Spotlight Studio Renter July 5th, 2018


Josephine C. Photography

Today's Spotlight Studio Renter is Josephine, lovingly known as JoJo.  She is a current renter of ours! JoJo is also a wife to an incredible guy and together they have 3 little ones... so much fun! Professionally she is a photographer and has been in the industry for 13 years. We hope you enjoy learning a little more about here in the Q&A below! 

Studio Adorn: When and how did you discover your passion for photography?

JoJo: From the moment I received my first camera, at age 8, I just fell in love with the art of photography! However, it wasn’t until I turned 15 when I realize the part of photography that I love most, Contemporary Glamour photography, which I use to call “Makeover Shoots”! I thoroughly enjoy the beauty side of photography, change of hair, makeup and wardrobe. I love the transformation process not just physically, but the transformation that happens to a woman internally. I was once told, “When you look good, it helps you feel good,” I have witness this in all glamour sessions I have done. Looking good and feeling good gives such a boost of self-esteem and confidence, THAT’S WHAT I LOVE TO CAPTURE! I love to capture the result, the inner confidence, the light from within a person, and the beauty.

SA: Photography is definitely an art, and much like other artists, they seek inspiration from other avenues or artists. Who are some other photographers you seek inspiration from?

JoJo: My #1 inspiration is Sue Bryce.  If it weren’t for Sue Bryce, I would have still called my style of photography as “Makeover Shoots”!  She definitely gave me a better name for it, and I love her approach in how she photographs her clients. 

SA: Where else does your inspiration come from for your style of photography, in addition to other photographers?

JoJo: I pull 40% of my inspiration from magazines spreads featuring makeup; another 40% from TV shows such as America’s Next Top Model, and 20% from other photographers whose work I admire.

SA: How did your time at Studio Adorn benefit your business and repertoire with clients?

JoJo: First I must say that every single client who walks into the studio is in total awe and admiration of Studio Adorn. It definitely adds to the photography experience for them, already making them feel beautiful!   My clients are eager and excited to return and do more sessions with me in the studio!

SA: What was your favorite feature about Studio Adorn?

JoJo: My absolutely favorite feature of the studio is those large windows and the beautiful natural light that cascades through!

SA: We know you love photography, but what is another talent or area of interest you have?

JoJo: If there is anything I love more than photography, it is to see other entrepreneurs create, launch and thrive in their business.  I am also a business coach and designer, giving other entrepreneurs hands on assistance in starting and growing their business.

SA: What is your favorite type of photography?

JoJo: My favorite type of photography is head-shots and branding portraits with a contemporary feel.

A special thanks to JoJo for sharing about her passion for photography and her time at Studio Adorn. We hope everyone enjoys learning about our renters as much as we do during our Spotlight Studio Renter blogs! 

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