Holiday Party Ideas! Getting Friends Together!

The holiday’s are the busiest time of year! But let’s not forget that it’s also the time of year that we should be spending time with friends and loved ones. We put together a few ideas for simple holiday get togethers. Remember it’s okay to take some time out of your busy schedule to also enjoy the season!

#1: Cookie Exchange - This makes a fun and delicious little get together, not to mention it’s a total win for your holiday cookie collection. Here’s how it works: Invite 8-12 people! Then each person will make 8 dozen of the same cookie. They will bring all of their cookies and some type of empty, large container (to fill with cookies!). At the party each person will set out a dozen of their cookies, these are for everyone at the party to sample. Then you will divide the other 7 dozen cookies by the number of people who show up, and they will fill their empty container full of all the different cookies! So you will come with all the same cookies and leave with a lovely variety.


#2: White Elephant Party - This one is a fun and frugal party… Win, Win! Here’s how it works: Invite as many people as you would like, the more the merrier! Each person will purchase a gift (there should be a set price ex. $15) and wrap and bring it to the party. At the party all the gifts will be place together. Each person will draw a number then select a gift in order of the number drawn starting with 1. When it is your turn you can either pick a gift to unwrap or steal a gift that has already been unwrapped. If your gift is stolen then you get to go back to the wrapped gifts and pick another one. Each gift can only be stolen three times. At the very end whoever drew number one will then have the opportunity to steal a gift if they would like. Tip: you can also set a theme along with a price ex. gag gift or tv specials.


#3: Hot Chocolate Bar - This party is a good one to include the whole family in! Here’s how it works: Invite as many guests as you would like. Then each guest will bring something that can go inside of or on top of hot chocolate! Some items could be: sprinkles, marshmallows, candy canes, whipped cream, and more! Then as the host you will provide the hot chocolate. Set up a table where everything can go and then your guests can create their own hot chocolate. Then depending on what you prefer you can play games or watch a Christmas movie!


We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and make a little time to enjoy your friends and loved ones.