Host a Photography Class

Are you looking for ways to get your name out there, meet new clients or other photographers? You may consider hosting a photography class. You can showcase your skills and teach others in your very own class. You can rent Studio Adorn to do just this! It is a fun way to branch out and try something new. You might even inspire someone who is just becoming interested in the field of photography! All photographers have their specialty, so why not offer your specialty as a class to help grow our amazing community? #communityovercompetition

Set up for a boudoir workshop hosted by  Lovely in Lace .

Set up for a boudoir workshop hosted by Lovely in Lace.

You get to plan and create a class to showcase yourself as a photographer!

Not convinced? Here are few reasons!

1.   Establish Yourself and Business

One of the fastest ways to establish yourself as an authority in something is to speak about it.  When you get up in front of a room or a class, people are there to listen to you.  They want to learn from you!


Teaching a class can change how people see you and your business. It will give them an inside view into your unique skill. People love to talk and this is exactly what you want. They will tell their friends and family about their amazing experience and spark others’ interest in your next class.

3.    Build an audience and sell your services

When people see you in person and have the opportunity to meet you and talk to you, they form a connection to you. If you plan on doing additional classes, you might even consider offering a special rate for those who took previous classes. 

4.   New Revenue Stream

Teaching classes can bring in a completely new source of revenue. Focus on your biggest strength to start, offer classes regularly and in a location you can depend on. 

Be sure to end your classes by giving everyone all of the information they need in order to follow you online or join your mailing list so that you can continue to build a community of fans around your work.

Have an idea for hosting a workshop or class at Studio Adorn? Email us and let’s figure out how we can work together to RISE TOGETHER!