Photography Bag Must-Haves!

camera bag pic.jpg

Let’s talk photography bags! We all know that photo sessions can take all kinds of turns and let's just say “what’s in your bag just might come in handy!” Is your photography bag ready for anything that might come your way?

We are diving into the famous photography bag and listing the items we feel are must-haves and just might save a session! 

Basic Photo Equipment

Camera – Yes this is an obvious one, however, it is in the bag so it’s on the list.

Extra Lenses – More than likely one will already be attached to the camera, however, if you want/need extras make sure to pack them.

Lens Filter – Whether you plan to use it or not it’s good to always have one or two on hand.

Flashes - We know not everyone uses them, but if you do you don't want to forget them.

Extra Batteries – Always take extra batteries! No power = no photos

Extra Memory Cards – You don’t want to ever feel limited on how many photos you take because you are running out of memory.

Cleaning cloth or tool – Whatever it is you use to clean your camera and lens bring it.

Camera Strap – Nobody wants to drop a camera!

Other – As photographers, we all have our style of shooting and preference in how to shoot. The above are just basic equipment you should have in your bag, but the rest of this list is completely up to you.

Practical Items

Tablet/Computer - These are great to have if you want to pull up previous work to show clients, or to fill out forms.

Cell Phone Charger – It’s never fun when your phone dies.

Model Release Form – Make sure to always have one in your bag so you are able to showcase your work and book more clients!  

Business Cards – You don’t want to run out of these, pass them out to everyone!

First Aid Kit – It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just some alcohol wipes, band-aids, Tylenol, just basic.

Attention Grabbers: If you are working with kiddos make sure you have a stuffed animal or light up toy, something you can use to help grab the attention.

Water Bottles – Don't forget to hydrate! 

Sunglasses - If you are outside these are always good to have!

Items That Just Might Come In Handy

Hairbrush or Comb

Bobby Pins and hair ties

Hair Spray 

Safety Pins 

Hand Mirror

Small Sewing Kit 

Dryer Sheets – Static happens, wipe these on pieces of clothing that’s just a little to clingy.

Lip Gloss & Q-tips - This is great for when your girls forget their own! Just dip a Q-tip into the gloss and anyone can use it without sharing germs! 

We hope this has inspired you to spruce up your bag so you never find yourself wishing you had something during a shoot!