Sometimes you need a studio!

As photographers, we are on our game when it comes to thinking how to attract the clients we would like to have. Once we book our ideal client, we want to make sure they are pleased with both their session and final product: the photos! We market a particular way to a specific clientele. For example, a boudoir photographer may go to a wedding expo to connect with women. During the session, the photographer may offer refreshments, play music, or anything else that will create a quality experience and ease the anticipation of the shoot. These things are all necessary, however, one of the key elements to having a successful photo shoot is location, location, location! 

Now if you're a photographer, you probably already know location is super important for capturing great photos, but did you know it's just as important for your client as well? Of course they want great photos, but they want to feel like they are in a quality space as well, whether it be indoors or outdoors. For instance if you found two spots that would make beautiful photos, but one was right next to a landfill and the other was next to an open field, which would you select? Ding ding! You're right! The one by the open field. Outside is a great option for photo sessions for many reasons including versatilely in settings, natural light, free space, and the list goes on. However, what happens when the outdoors will just not cut it for a particular session? There are plenty of photo shoots that just make more sense inside, like most boudoir, newborn, product shots, etc. Having a studio option is wonderful for times like these! The idea of having your own studio is great, but what about the fact that they are expensive and don't make sense financially for everyone? Great news! There are studios that rent space to other photographers! 

Studio Adorn is exactly that! A photography studio that is available for photogs to rent! Just like you, I was photographer who needed indoor space for sessions. I loved shooting boudoir, which resulted in renting hotel rooms. This was awkward at times and also expensive. Logistically, it was also a bit of a nightmare dealing with hotel rooms and never knowing what I was going to get (like the time I got the only room left in a beautiful hotel, which had a giant wall outside of the window blocking all light from coming into the room!) After a while I knew something had to change. This is when Studio Adorn was created!

Studio Adorn offers more than just space for renters. It's a fully furnished studio with couches, chairs, a bed, backdrops, even a claw-foot tub! In addition to being fully furnished, one of our favorite aspects of the studio are the big beautiful windows that let in lots of natural light. We offer one time rentals, as well as memberships. I am so happy that we took the leap to create Studio Adorn! I know it has been wonderful to have during my personal sessions, and we love seeing all the amazing, creative things that all of the renters do during their time. So just keep in mind, there are times when you just need a studio, and we are here for you!

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Sometimes you need a studio!