Spotlight Studio Renter April 2018 Debra Snyder


Debra Snyder

Meet this weeks spotlight studio renter, Debra Snyder! She and her husband have been together since high school and are going on 12 years of marriage! They and have two beautiful children and two fur babies. Debra's husband sparked her interest in photography a few years back when he bought her a camera to capture their family memories. One thing led to another and her talents began to attract interest from others landing her as a photographer. Check out what else she has to say in the Q&A below!

Studio Adorn: When and how did you discover your passion for photography?

Debra Snyder: "My husband bought me my first nikon in 2014 I believe, to take photos of our children and them growing up. I was asked to take Homecoming photos for my niece and her friends. Not long after, I started photographing my friends. Once I realized how much fun it was, I decided I would continue on this path, eventually becoming a professional photographer."

Photography by Debra Snyder LLC pic1.jpg

SA: Photography is definitely an art, and much like other artists, they seek inspiration from other avenues or artists. Who are some other photographers you seek inspiration from?

DS: "Although our styles are very different, my favorite photographer is Mike Anderson. He's amazing and such an inspiration. I also really enjoy photography from my area, such as Leila Mullen and Kristen Paige Floyd."

SA: Where else does your inspiration come from for your style of photography, in addition to other photographers?

DS: I am not sure. I have tried editing different ways, but have always been drawn to a moody style. I love light and airy, but always go back to the darker side I suppose lol.

Photography by Debra Snyder LLC pic2.jpg

SA: How did your time at Studio Adorn benefit your business and repertoire with clients?

DS: I had my own boudoir photos done a few years ago and realized how hard it is to step out of your comfort zone to take those types of photos. I see the beauty in all sorts of people and wanted to make a difference in how women felt and saw themselves. It's amazing how many women think about doing boudoir, but are so self conscious. As one of those women, I feel as if I'm not only helping them, but I'm also helping myself to see ourselves for who we really are. Not having my own studio, after searching and finding Studio Adorn, I was hooked. It's so versatile and clients really love the atmosphere.

SA: We know you love photography, but what is another talent or area of interest you have?

DS: I am actually a full time nurse who specialized in critical care.

SA: What is your favorite type of photography?

DS: That's a hard one...I would have to say it's a tie between couples photography and Boudoir.

Check out more of Debra's work here!

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