Spotlight Studio Renter March 2018 Brian Fox




Brian Fox

This week our Spotlight Studio Renter is Brian Fox! He has returned to his hometown of Orlando after living in several cities around the country and the world since he graduated from the University of Florida in the early 1990’s. Photography has been his full-time career since 2005, and prior to his photography career he worked with The Disney Company, and as a professional football player. As for family life, he has a beautiful 7 year old daughter named Skylar! We asked Brian a few questions about his love for photography, and this is what he had to say!

Studio Adorn: When and how did you discover you passion for photography?

Brian Fox: "Back when I was working for Disney (in the late 1990’s) I wanted to learn how to do underwater photography since I already had an interest in SCUBA diving… and I was enamored with the amazing colors you see in the ocean that you don’t see on land.

My photography experience prior to that had been limited to a small Minolta 110 film camera that I used to play around with when I was 10 years old - mostly walking around the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World while my dad was working at his job at Disney.

Needless to say, when I first tried my hand at underwater photography the pictures were far from what you would see in a diving magazine. So, a friend at the time recommended I take a class at Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park to learn how to use all of the functions of the camera - aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. That school changed my life! The teachers at the school must have seen something in my work because they told me I should continue with photography and after one of my images from a natural light assignment was showcased in an exhibition at the Orlando Museum of Art, I was hooked! I knew I wanted to do photography full-time as a career if I could make it happen."


SA: Photography is definitely an art, and much like other artists, they seek inspiration from other avenues or artists. Who are some other photographers you seek inspiration from?

BF: "I’m constantly looking at imagery on social media. Not only photography, but also paintings, sculptures, anything that can provide me with inspiration. We also soak in inspiration from everyday occurrences and experiences. So, I try to always live in the moment to make sure I’m not missing any sources of inspiration.

 As for photographers I admire, being that I am primarily a portrait photographer I have always been inspired by Annie Leibovitz for her photographic style, Howard Schatz for his amazing creativity and willingness to try anything, Herb Ritts for the way he lit his subjects, and Peter Lindbergh for his natural and raw approach to photography."


SA: How did your time at Studio Adorn benefit your business and repertoire with clients?

BF: "Since I shoot with natural light 95% of the time, Studio Adorn and the abundance of beautiful window light fits me and my style of shooting perfectly! The light is gorgeous and I am especially intrigued and inspired by the numerous sets and backdrops that I am able to use during a session at the studio.

I know that I am able to capture a multitude of looks at Studio Adorn, giving my clients a vast assortment of images to choose from when they do a session with me."

SA: What was your favorite feature about Studio Adorn?

BF: "My favorite feature about Studio Adorn is undoubtedly the window light."


SA: We know you love photography, but what is another talent or area of interest you have?

BF: "I play the piano and I also played professional football many years ago (I was a quarterback) so I can also throw a pretty good spiral. :)"

SA: What is your favorite type of photography?

BF: "My favorite type of photography is without a question portrait photography. I love the interaction between subject and photographer. One can learn volumes about a person just from that one little frozen moment in time you capture in a photograph."


A special thanks to Brian Fox for sharing about his passion for photography and his time at Studio Adorn. We hope everyone enjoys learning about our renters as much as we do during our Spotlight Studio Renter blogs! 

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