Studio vs On Location Photography

As a photographer, you know there are many places to do a photography session. Usually it comes down to the individual preference of the photographer and/or client. The style of the session could also play part in determining where the session will take place. We put together 5 reasons a studio session vs an on location photography session is a great option!

It’s Familiar - Whether you have your own studio or one that you rent, it can help you during your session. By going to a studio that is familiar, you will know what to expect, what it has for you to use and what kind of photos you can expect to get. The lighting is controlled entirely by you, and you are not relying on weather to play nice! On-location sessions are of course beautiful, but many times you are relying on weather to cooperate, hoping other photographers aren’t already there, etc.

It’s Predictable - By using a studio, you know that there will be limited interference compared to going on location. The time that you book the studio will be yours and yours alone.

No Weather Issues - This is a big one! Using a studio will allow you to set your worries free when it comes to weather. Especially here in FL where the weather can change in the blink of an eye.

It’s Professional - Not that shooting on location isn’t professional, because of course it is! However, for sessions such as boudoir, having the option of a studio is great. It eliminates having to rent hotel rooms or going to someone’s house.

It’s Created for Photography - Using an actual photography studio gives you so many more options than an on location session. Studio Adorn is a perfect example as it is fully equipped with backdrops, furniture, and other props that are ready and available for your use!

We know that sometimes a studio is the best option, and sometimes it’s best to shoot on location. However when your session calls for a studio, we are here and ready for you!