Our Story

Happy Anniversary, Studio Adorn!

Wow...one year. I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that more than one year ago, I started talking to Craig about wanting my own boudoir studio. In my mind, it was just a fun idea to play with, but I didn't actually think it would happen. Suddenly, I found myself driving around town looking for potential studios. Still, I didn't think it was really going to happen. Up until that point, we never had overhead. I met with clients either at local coffee shops, or at my house. I did boudoir sessions in hotel rooms, and the few newborn shoots that I did were at either my house or my client's house. We just made it work. But when I stepped foot into this 2nd floor, natural-light-filled, perfect-location space (very close to where we live...who can beat that?!), my jaw hit the floor. I thought "dangit! This is why Craig needs to be with me at these things. I just completely ruined my poker face!" The realtor knew immediately that I loved the space. Was it stinky? Yes..(it actually smelled like sushi for a while). Were ceiling tiles falling from being wet and full of mildew? Absolutely. Were the plastic purple base-boards burning holes into my retinas? You bet! But the potential was there. My dream actually seemed like something that would soon be tangible.

And so it began. The negotiations, the "how do we pay for this??," the brainstorm sessions, design meetings, purchases, hours upon hours of shopping for the perfect pieces, and so forth. And then...Craig brought up the idea of renting the space out. I'll admit...at first I was a little hesitant. The idea of renting it out was kind of scary to me. The logistics of it, the liability, etc. But we did it...we figured it out. And I am happy to say that we now not only have frequent renters, but we also have photographers who fly in from other states and use the space, we have studio members who have a lot of flexibility in the space to rent practically whenever they'd like, and we have a beautiful space that we can call home for our own shoots and meetings as well.

Something that we have personally really enjoyed in terms of renting out the space is seeing how much other photographers love it. Seeing their faces (and occasionally their client's faces as well if we happen to meet them) light up when they walk in is SUCH a joy! We really want everyone to feel comfortable and at home in the space, and we've received such positive feedback from our renters who say that they loved everything about it. Having a space to rent out to other photographers was a dream that we didn't even know we had until it happened. And now, we couldn't imagine it any other way. We love explaining our vision to our renters, telling them what they can expect to see in the studio in the coming months (some of which are currently in the works), and getting their feedback to hear what they want to see in there. We've added quite a few things to the space simply because of requests that renters have made.

When we first made the decision to rent out the space, we figured it would only be photographers who showed interest in renting. But we were proven wrong when we started receiving inquiries from people who wanted to shoot music videos there (it turned out amazing, by the way!), host talk shows (yes, that actually happened!), have meetings, and of course..do photo shoots. Meeting all of these people has opened our eyes even more to the community outside of photography. We have become good friends with some of our renters, opened up new doors through some of them, and have overall made amazing connections that would have otherwise never happened. We are so thankful to everyone who has supported us from the moment we came up with this idea, and into the future of Studio Adorn. We have big dreams for our little baby boutique studio, and we can't wait to watch her grow!


As with anything, receiving reviews can really boost your spirits and help you see that you're doing something right. Below are some of the 5 star reviews we've received from previous renters:

"Loved working at Studio Adorn and have been booking all of my upcoming boudoir marathons there. So much easier to use than a hotel, no parking or valet fees for my clients and a lot more options to photographdifferent scenes. Love how customizable everything is and my clients love the casual atmosphere!" - Kristen Weaver Photography

"I had an amazing time today, so much we added time in middle of our session and could have kept going.... I know I have said it before but this studio is truly a photographers dream come true. Every time I use it I never have the same finished product, there is so much space and options to get creative with. Today proved to me yet again I am so happy to be a member at Studio Adorn. Sivan and Craig thank you again for giving back to the photog community with this outstanding space."

"Perfect set up! So many areas to shoot and variety of looks." - Bumby Photography

"I am a member at Studio Adorn and utilized this luxurious space for my last Boudoir Bash and I can honestly describe it as "One of the Best Studio Experiences" myself and my clients have ever had. The space is not only very versatile but Sivan has thought of everything down to a Hair & Make-Up Station, Mini Beverage Cooler, Social Sitting Area and the Interchangeable Fixtures and Props really complete this exceptional location. Honestly as a bonus you can't beat the price, lighting and overall experience anywhere else. Thank you Sivan and Craig for creating such a beautiful and well thought out space for your peers and their clients to enjoy. I look forward to all my Boudoir Session in 2014 taking place in Studio Adorn." - Kathy Thomas Photography

"I used this space for a New Born/family session. The family adored their images from the session and I loved shooting in this space. I will definitely be using this for shoots in the future." - Lora Rodgers Photography

"Absolutely stunning studio owned and managed by a super sweet and hospitable couple. You will NOT find a location like this one in Central Florida. Check out their monthly memberships. I recently closed my own studio and signed up for their monthly membership. They are affordable and worth every penny. You won't regret it!" - Sexy, Beautiful Me

"Loved renting Studio Adorn. It is clean, beautiful and full of natural light. There are a ton of backdrop and set-ups you can use. I was there for 2 hours and could not even possibly use all of them!" - Kim Truelove Photography

"This is awesome! Truly making a dream come true, how exciting it must be. Congratulations and best wishes for great success." - Lani Shuck

"Unique space with tons of options? Great people running the place? Can't ask for a better photography (or in our case videography) experience!" - Xcelencia XlxMusic

"Just finished a great boudoir shoot at the gorgeous, stunning, immaculate STUDIO ADORN!!! Thank you so much!!! Can't wait to be back here!" - Bethany May Photography

"Omg Wow! This is how I would have to tell others when asked on what I thought of your studio. I just had another wonderful fun photo session and I fell in love with your studio. The studio is so open to so many styles of photography from chic to soft romantic. Everything is designed so well for no fuss sessions allowing more time with the photographer. I can't wait to do other sessions at your studio." - Yolanda Rangel

- "I actually scheduled this session with Sarah for after my March wedding. I knew I wanted sexy couples photos together...dress coming off etc. I had seen photos on Pinterest of this type of photo and wanted some of our own. Danny really wanted to get a photo that we could hang in our master bedroom. More of an editorial photo. Sarah had suggested maybe we could use Studio Adorn for our Couples Boudoir session. I had not heard of the studio before, but when she sent me the link to your website I was just blown away! I asked her to book it right away as that would be the PERFECT spot to achieve the photos we wanted. Studio Adorn provided the PERFECT backdrop and props. I loved how you really could move any piece of furniture or backdrop to create the exact scene you wanted for each photo. It was the most perfect place for our intimate couples boudoir photos. Our photographer captured some amazing shots and am so glad she suggested Studio Adorn for our boudoir session. We could not be happier with the location we chose and the end photos! Thank you for the amazing space to use to achieve photos we will treasure forever!" - Paige


And now I would like to take a step back and look at where we were one year ago. We were both so nervous, but SO excited. This wasn't just something exciting in our business, but it was something exciting in our marriage. I started Sivan Photography while Craig and I were dating, but that was my thing, while his was his full-time job as an electrical engineer. This, though, was our thing. It was our baby; a project we would start together, work hard on together, and bring to life together. From the moment he started ripping up the nasty carpets in that space, I remember feeling this surge of excitement and wonder. We took so many photos to document the entire process. In case you haven't seen it, you should check it out in the link below!

Studio Adorn - The Beginning!

Photos from our Vendor Grand Opening:


And finally, THE STUDIO <3 

Again, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting us through this leap of faith. We are so thankful and grateful for the people we have met, the relationships we've made, and the help we've received along the way (whether it was a pat on the back, or friends physically helping us put the studio together).

Happy first anniversary, Studio Adorn! Cheers to many, many more! 

Studio Adorn Story | Central Florida | Rental Studio

If you know me, you know that I love romance. I think that as a woman, feeling beautiful and sexy in your own skin is so important. For the past 4 years, I have been doing a variety of photography, from newborns, to weddings, to family sessions. Last year, however, I decided to dip my toes in boudoir photography. Simply put, I have found my photography-soul mate. I LOVE weddings, and I never want to stop photographing them because they truly bring me so much joy. But there is something so very special about boudoir sessions and helping women realize that they truly are one-of-a-kind, beautiful, amazing beings.

After doing about 4 boudoir bashes at local hotels last year, I kept running into stressful issues and couldn't find a way to resolve them. For instance, hotels tell you that check-in time is at 3pm. Starting a boudoir bash of 4+ sessions at 3pm simply wouldn't work for me, so I would have to arrive very early at the hotel in hopes that they would let me check in by 11am. That was issue #1. Issue #2: Variety. Even though I absolutely LOVED my go-to hotel, all of my sessions started to look the same. One bed option, one couch option, the same walls, the same pictures on the walls. There was simply no variety. And issue #3: flexibility. Many times, we received inquiries from girls who lived out of town and were coming in on a certain week. They wanted to do a boudoir session, but unless I happened to be having a bash with space available during that week, I couldn't do the session. I couldn't rent a hotel because of how expensive they are for just ONE session, I couldn't do it at my house (just not my preference), and those girls didn't have a house here we could use. So with that, I had to turn those girls away with a sad, sad face.

After almost every boudoir bash that I did, I would come back to my husband and tell him how badly I wished I could have my own studio. It seemed so impossible. I had looked up photography rentals in the Central Florida area, but the only ones that came up were large open spaces for commercial photography. So with that, two ideas were born!

1. Open up an amazing boutique boudoir studio where women can come in, get pampered, sip champagne, and then take gorgeous photos. I wanted these girls to have a day all about THEM.

2. Incorporate a rental studio within the boudoir studio. I've learned that if there is a problem that I'm running into (like all of the issues I listed above), I can't be the only one with those problems! I knew that other Central Florida photographers did the same thing; rent out a hotel room, hope for early check-in, and try to make each session look unique from the other. In our space (which we have named Studio Adorn for the rental aspect), photographers can rent out the studio hourly. They can do boudoir photos, newborn sessions, head shots, etc. We have SUCH variety in there.


Our studio is located in Ocoee, FL, and is over 1200 sq.ft. We completely renovated it (photos below) and turned it into a boutique boudoir studio. From the floors, to the chandeliers, to the chic bedroom sets, we have transformed a once drab space into a sexy, feminine, chic studio with stunning windows!


My handy and handsome electrical engineer husband gets ALL of the credit for the handy work in our studio! He tore up the very ugly carpet, laid down the floors 100% on his own, hand-built our mobile wall (photos below), put up chandeliers, and so, so much more. Because of him, this studio that I longed for has come to life. I have the interchangeable headboards that I hoped for (again, something he made possible!), the interchangeable backdrops (aka mobile wall), and more.


When I look back at Craig and I sitting at our favorite coffee shop (Axum in Winter Garden) discussing the details of our boudoir studio, it truly seemed unattainable. We talked about all of the amazing details, and I told him exactly how I envisioned the space. I told him that I wanted a huge, open space with no walls, and with dark wood floors. I wanted there to be floor-to-ceiling windows, and all on the 2nd floor so that my boudoir lovelies could feel more comfortable. We looked around on the surface, but decided that now wasn't the time. Besides, could I ever really find a space like that in Orlando? In my head, I pictured a New York ballet studio. Elegant, classy, romantic.

One day, after my most recent boudoir bash, I couldn't take it anymore. My excitement was through the roof, and so I started driving all over Winter Garden and Ocoee looking for "space available" signs. Just as I was about to give up and head home, I thought "let me turn into this one last plaza and see if there's anything." I had no idea my dream space was literally walking distance from my house. It had everything I wanted. Someone, pinch me! <3

So without further adieu, I introduce the Sivan Photography Boudoir Studio/Studio Adorn. I've added many before, during, and after photos. I hope you love it as much as we do!

And of course, if you would like a tour, please do not hesitate to email us! We are more than excited to show off the space and show you all that it has to offer!

"Disclaimer: most of these photos were taken on the iPhone. Please pardon the quality of  some of the "before" and "during" photos.

ONE more note: this was all done in less than a month.  Woop woop!

Just for kicks, here is a video of the beginning stages!


And now...the studio!

Two of our many varieties. Different headboards, walls, bedding, and more.  This is a photographer's heaven!!!

The AMAZING mobile wall that Craig made. The purple is one side, and when you turn it around you have even more selections. These are great for newborn photos, boudoir, etc.  You just roll down the one you want to use, and you are all set!