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If you know me, you know that I love romance. I think that as a woman, feeling beautiful and sexy in your own skin is so important. For the past 4 years, I have been doing a variety of photography, from newborns, to weddings, to family sessions. Last year, however, I decided to dip my toes in boudoir photography. Simply put, I have found my photography-soul mate. I LOVE weddings, and I never want to stop photographing them because they truly bring me so much joy. But there is something so very special about boudoir sessions and helping women realize that they truly are one-of-a-kind, beautiful, amazing beings.

After doing about 4 boudoir bashes at local hotels last year, I kept running into stressful issues and couldn't find a way to resolve them. For instance, hotels tell you that check-in time is at 3pm. Starting a boudoir bash of 4+ sessions at 3pm simply wouldn't work for me, so I would have to arrive very early at the hotel in hopes that they would let me check in by 11am. That was issue #1. Issue #2: Variety. Even though I absolutely LOVED my go-to hotel, all of my sessions started to look the same. One bed option, one couch option, the same walls, the same pictures on the walls. There was simply no variety. And issue #3: flexibility. Many times, we received inquiries from girls who lived out of town and were coming in on a certain week. They wanted to do a boudoir session, but unless I happened to be having a bash with space available during that week, I couldn't do the session. I couldn't rent a hotel because of how expensive they are for just ONE session, I couldn't do it at my house (just not my preference), and those girls didn't have a house here we could use. So with that, I had to turn those girls away with a sad, sad face.

After almost every boudoir bash that I did, I would come back to my husband and tell him how badly I wished I could have my own studio. It seemed so impossible. I had looked up photography rentals in the Central Florida area, but the only ones that came up were large open spaces for commercial photography. So with that, two ideas were born!

1. Open up an amazing boutique boudoir studio where women can come in, get pampered, sip champagne, and then take gorgeous photos. I wanted these girls to have a day all about THEM.

2. Incorporate a rental studio within the boudoir studio. I've learned that if there is a problem that I'm running into (like all of the issues I listed above), I can't be the only one with those problems! I knew that other Central Florida photographers did the same thing; rent out a hotel room, hope for early check-in, and try to make each session look unique from the other. In our space (which we have named Studio Adorn for the rental aspect), photographers can rent out the studio hourly. They can do boudoir photos, newborn sessions, head shots, etc. We have SUCH variety in there.


Our studio is located in Ocoee, FL, and is over 1200 sq.ft. We completely renovated it (photos below) and turned it into a boutique boudoir studio. From the floors, to the chandeliers, to the chic bedroom sets, we have transformed a once drab space into a sexy, feminine, chic studio with stunning windows!


My handy and handsome electrical engineer husband gets ALL of the credit for the handy work in our studio! He tore up the very ugly carpet, laid down the floors 100% on his own, hand-built our mobile wall (photos below), put up chandeliers, and so, so much more. Because of him, this studio that I longed for has come to life. I have the interchangeable headboards that I hoped for (again, something he made possible!), the interchangeable backdrops (aka mobile wall), and more.


When I look back at Craig and I sitting at our favorite coffee shop (Axum in Winter Garden) discussing the details of our boudoir studio, it truly seemed unattainable. We talked about all of the amazing details, and I told him exactly how I envisioned the space. I told him that I wanted a huge, open space with no walls, and with dark wood floors. I wanted there to be floor-to-ceiling windows, and all on the 2nd floor so that my boudoir lovelies could feel more comfortable. We looked around on the surface, but decided that now wasn't the time. Besides, could I ever really find a space like that in Orlando? In my head, I pictured a New York ballet studio. Elegant, classy, romantic.

One day, after my most recent boudoir bash, I couldn't take it anymore. My excitement was through the roof, and so I started driving all over Winter Garden and Ocoee looking for "space available" signs. Just as I was about to give up and head home, I thought "let me turn into this one last plaza and see if there's anything." I had no idea my dream space was literally walking distance from my house. It had everything I wanted. Someone, pinch me! <3

So without further adieu, I introduce the Sivan Photography Boudoir Studio/Studio Adorn. I've added many before, during, and after photos. I hope you love it as much as we do!

And of course, if you would like a tour, please do not hesitate to email us! We are more than excited to show off the space and show you all that it has to offer!

"Disclaimer: most of these photos were taken on the iPhone. Please pardon the quality of  some of the "before" and "during" photos.

ONE more note: this was all done in less than a month.  Woop woop!

Just for kicks, here is a video of the beginning stages!


And now...the studio!

Two of our many varieties. Different headboards, walls, bedding, and more.  This is a photographer's heaven!!!

The AMAZING mobile wall that Craig made. The purple is one side, and when you turn it around you have even more selections. These are great for newborn photos, boudoir, etc.  You just roll down the one you want to use, and you are all set!