Retracing America | Studio Adorn | Trenton Moore

We here at Studio Adorn love supporting our fellow photographers. We also love history, road trips, and showing American stories through photos. If you haven't heard of or read the photo book 'The Americans' by Robert Frank, we strongly suggest you do. Robert Frank took a road trip back in 1955-56 and photographed his experience of America along the way. At the end of his trip he compiled his story and photos into a book. The book is a magnificent way of showing how the American life was back then, as well as Robert's long journey through the country. You can see excerpts from the book by clicking here.

Our friend Trenton Moore has challenged himself to retrace Robert Frank's journey through over 67 cities in order to show America as it is today. Through he is hoping to fund his project and create his own photo book called "Retracing America" based off of Robert Frank's book. He needs our help, though, to raise money as well as awareness of his project. You can see his testimonial and back his project here

 We wish Trenton all the best on his adventure and can't wait to see what America has in store for him during his travels. 

To see some of Trenton's work and more about projects he is working on click here

Shown below: Trenton's journey through America and the stops he will be making.

Shown below: Robert Frank 1956 Reno, Nevada

Shown below: by Robert Frank 1955 Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken, New Jersey, 1955© Robert Frank[/caption]
Photo by Robert Frank 1956 Reno, Nevada[/caption]