The importance of having a niche in photography!

It's both invigorating and fulfilling to do what you love professionally! However when you move from interests being your hobby into having them as your source of income it can bring on some stress. One helpful hint to eliminate stress and promote bookings is to find your niche right off the bat, and try very hard to stick to it.

Let's look at photography. You are good at it and enjoy it, right? When it becomes a business, it's so easy to try to appeal to everyone (kind of the "whatever pays the bills" mentality, yeah?? We've all been there!). As brilliant as this may sound, the truth is, it's not the most brilliant direction to take. It is going to be in both yours and your client's best interest to find your niche and offer it to the right people (target your market!). We absolutely understand that in the beginning it's natural to dabble in many genres. Eventually you will notice what you're comfortable with and enjoy the most, and this will help you narrow it down.

Holy smokes, there are all kinds of styles of photography from weddings, boudoir, product, real-estate, and the list goes on. Could you imagine having a different style of photo shoot every day or even in one day? You would have to change your mentality, vision, and everything else that goes into specific shoots and we don't know about you but that makes our brains hurt just thinking about it. Not to mention all the work it would take to find your clients and adjusting your presence to appeal to so many categories. You don't have to master it all! This is exactly why having a niche in photography is so important! You know the phrase "Jack of all trades and the master of none?" Well, think the opposite in this case! How great would it be to be the MASTER of your favorite genre (or okay, maybe a couple of genres) of photography? 

How do you know you have found your niche? Well there are three signs that can help answer that. The first one will be that you are interested in what you are photographing and it comes naturally. For instance, with boudoir, if when you are with a client you can envision what poses will look best, the session goes smoothly and is enjoyable for both of you, then that's a pretty great hint you're on the right path. The next sign is: are people interested in your work? When someone looks at it they are drawn to it and compliment your art? The third sign is what we all hope for: you are booking clients! If you enjoy what you do and people love your photos then you will book more clients. Referrals go a long way, and the more someone loves their photos and refers you, know how that goes!

If you're curious to know what MY niches are, they are boudoir, weddings, engagements, and families. Those all speak to my heart, and I just adore each and every one of them!

Now go out there and chase your dreams! Just make sure you find your niche(s)!