Spotlight Studio Renter August 9th, 2018


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Jim Kilgo is a Florida native from right here in Orlando!  However over the years he has traveled and lived in various states in the US and even lived in North Africa for a bit. He and his wife have been married for 30 years and have a beautiful family that consists of four children and six grandchildren! They also have their cats they find themselves catering to. His passion for photography was sparked in the 1970's during his elective photography class.  

Studio Adorn: When and how did you discover your passion for photography?

Jim Kilgo: The main reason for getting involved in photography was for college credit but it quickly turned into a passion as a hobby.  I learned to develop my own B&W film and set up a dark room at home to expand on my new-found passion. 

SA: Photography is definitely an art, and much like other artists, they seek inspiration from other avenues or artists. Who are some other photographers you seek inspiration from?  

JK: Because I started out with B&W film, it lead me to appreciate Ansel Adams work. I also have studied and admire work from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon, and Vivian Dorothy Maier. 

SA: Where else does your inspiration come from for your style of photography, in addition to other photographers?  

JK: I read various magazines not related to photography just to see the images used in the articles. I also look at Pinterest for inspiration for shoots and to see other photographers work.

SA: How did your time at Studio Adorn benefit your business and repertoire with clients?  

JK: Studio time at Studio Adorn allowed me to shoot a large variety of images in different settings. In a standard studio you could have backdrop changes and possibly a few props that would have to be rotated out to get various looks. Studio Adorn allows us to be more productive in a shorter period of time and provides exceptional result for both the photographer and client/model.

SA: What was your favorite feature about Studio Adorn?

JK: My favorite thing about Studio Adorn is the flexibility that the whole studio is built around.  In each area you can quickly change up the look of the set simply by sliding movable walls, curtain sheers and other props. This gives me a as the photographer greater control over the look and feel in a rather fast pace while the client or model is doing a wardrobe change.

SA: We know you love photography, but what is another talent or area of interest you have?

JK: I play guitar, not as much as I use to but still enjoy picking one up from time to time.  I have had various hobbies including motocross racing, water skiing and scuba diving of which I would incorporate photography into each one of these hobbies over the years.  I have an extensive collection of 35mm slides from racing and scuba diving.

SA: What is your favorite type of photography?

JK: Currently my favorite is portrait photography.

A special thanks to Jim for sharing about his passion for photography and his time at Studio Adorn. We hope everyone enjoys learning about our renters as much as we do during our Spotlight Studio Renter blogs! 

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