Top 4 Reasons Why Boudoir Photos Make the Best Holiday Gift

Every year it’s the same question: “What to get him for Christmas?”  In years past, you’ve checked off numerous dress shirts, a dozen-or-so pairs of those cute, Christmas boxers and that gadget he’d been eying, from the list.  But this year, you want the gift you give to be really special, different and outside of the box.  And that’s where a boudoir photo session comes into play.

1)   They’re unique – He certainly won’t be receiving this gift from anyone else this year.  It’s a gift only you can give to him.  A gift he most likely will not be returning to any department stores soon.

2)   You know he’ll love it – With one flip of the page, this book containing your session photos will quickly become his favorite gift you’ve ever given to him.  What’s there not to love? It’s beautiful pictures of y-o-u!

3)   You know you’ll love it – You get to essentially play dress-up! With champagne, hair and makeup, you’ll leave that day feeling extremely proud and ultra sexy. 

4)   And frankly, do you really need a reason?  It’s a gift that keeps giving.  You’ll look back on it, many Christmas’ from now, and you won’t be saying “why did I waste money on that boudoir session?” No, I’m pretty sure you’ll be saying, “man, that day was awesome and good gracious do I ever look good!”

Boudoir photos are the way to go in the Christmas gift department. And make sure to get a good photographer to take your photos.  You’ll want someone who makes you feel comfortable and provides a relaxing and fun environment. If you’re going to go for it, you might as well do it well.  And what’s Christmas without a little Christmas cheer? He has made it on the nice list this year, after all.