What to wear? 4 tips to help clients pick their photo session outfits!

People book photo sessions for many reasons, whether it's a boudoir session to celebrate themselves or a family session to capture that moment in time. But let's be honest, sometimes deciding what to wear can be a real stressor for our clients. We want to share 4 tips that you can pass on to your clients to help them choose their wardrobe for their session a little bit more easily!

4 outfit tips to share with your clients for a knock-out photo session!

Tip #1: Brainstorm what you envision your photos will look like. Simply jot down keywords like bold colors, fun vibes, neutral colors, etc. Once you have a list, hop on Pinterest and type in a short description like, "neutral color ideas for family photos." You can create a board and save them for future reference and easy access! Getting inspiration is incredibly helpful in this decision making process! 

Screen shot of what popped up in Pinterest when I typed "neutral color ideas for family photos."

Screen shot of what popped up in Pinterest when I typed "neutral color ideas for family photos."

Tip #2: If you are picking out outfits for more than one person, start with one piece that you love and know you're going to incorporate. This will be your staple piece and will give you something to coordinate everyone else's outfit.

Tip #3: Wear what you feel comfortable in. It will truly make a difference in your photos if you feel like yourself and have confidence in what you are wearing. Don't try to wear something that's not you!! This is NOT the time to explore new styles. ;) You know your body shape and your best assets, so work with them and not against them!

Tip #4: Express your personality in your outfit! It's absolutely okay and highly recommended to show off what makes you or your family unique! Outfits don't have to be all solid colors that match perfectly! Take a few colors that work well together and pick each outfit from there. Stripes, plaid, and even graphics all work together if coordinated just right! 


We hope these outfit tips help you and your client have the best photo session ever!