What To Wear For A Boudoir Photo Shoot!

We know that as renters a lot of you use Studio Adorn for boudoir sessions, and we love that you do (being that boudoir was the initial inspiration behind creating the studio)! We also know that with boudoir, picking outfits for a session is half the fun, however if it's a girl's first session her mind may be going strait to lingerie. So we put together a few tips you can share with your girls next time you book a session!

Since lingerie is a staple during a boudoir shoot let's highlight a few things on the topic before thinking outside of the box!

  • New or lightly worn lingerie is best.
  • Always try on everything before you bring it.
  • Wear what YOU feel SEXY in.

Moving on, here are a few other things to wear and/or bring to a boudoir session! 

  • Something of HIS/HERS! If you are doing this as a gift for your significant other, bring something you can wear or incorporate of theirs. This can be a uniform, sports jersey, t-shirt, anything you know that has meaning to them and will make his/her jaw drop when he/she sees you making it sexy!
  • Something of YOURS! Bring something that has a special meaning to you, whether it's a necklace, an award, something that represents a hobby you love. Boudoir is a celebration of you so incorporating your something special will make for some extra special photos!
  • Something CASUAL! You would be surprised at how sexy your favorite oversized sweater can be during a boudoir session. Or even a pair of your favorite jeans that make your butt look super cute. Bring in something from your "every day look" and watch how it can be some of the sexiest photos you have seen!
  • Something DRESSY! Do you have a favorite cocktail dress? Bring it! 
  • ACCESSORIES! Don't forget to bring your favorite jewelry, it can really up the sexy for everything else you bring. And don't let it stop at jewelry, make sure you bring high heels, fishnets, garters, glasses, hats, etc. 
Photo by: Lovely in Lace by Sivan Photography

Photo by: Lovely in Lace by Sivan Photography

Remember to send your girls some tips on what to wear during their boudoir session! Feel free to even share this blog post with them!

We hope this helped with some ideas to share with your girls so they look and feel fabulous during their session with you!