5 Reasons to Share with Your Clients on Why They Should Commit to a Boudoir Session!

We know many of our Studio Adorn renters use the studio for boudoir sessions! So we came up with 5 top reasons to share with your clients on why they should commit to a boudoir session now:

1. To “Be your own kind of beautiful.”

You are unique, stunning, and worth showing off (even if it’s just for yourself to see). Getting these photos taken is not to prove this to anyone other than yourself. You are the only you there is in the world, and it’s time to embrace that!

2. To give an amazing, sexy, and unique gift.

If you are dating, engaged, or married, this is a perfect gift for your significant other. It makes a great anniversary, birthday, or wedding gift in a sexy Little Black Book!

3. To allow yourself to be pampered.

It’s time you take a day to worry about no one other than yourself. When you are happy, those near you will be happy. Get your hair and makeup professionally done, get a manicure, and have a relaxing day sipping champagne before the big photo shoot!

4. To build your confidence.

Self confidence is super sexy on a woman. You will be amazed of how confidence basically floods over you during a boudoir session. Don't worry, it will stick around after your shoot too. You will be a whole new confident you!

5. To capture you; right here, right now. 

Until someone finds the secret to staying young forever, this IS the “young you.” You will be a day older tomorrow, a year older next year, and so forth. You are beautiful, and it is time to capture that beauty in a way you never planned! The longer you put it off, the less likely you are to do it. Above all else, this gift is for YOU.