Collaborate with Businesses!

As a photographer there are many ways to get involved in the community and reach new clients. One of our favorites is through collaborations with other local businesses! It’s mutually beneficial and there are endless possibilities for creativity.

We’ve created a list of ideal business to collaborate with if you are a photographer. However these are great options for other businesses as well. Don’t forget, if you fall under one of the listed businesses, collaborating with a photographer is a great idea too!

Ideal Businesses for Photographers to Collaborate With

  1. Florists

  2. Makeup Artists

  3. Clothing Boutiques

  4. Bloggers

  5. Non-profits

  6. Workshops

  7. Wedding/Event Planners

  8. Realestate Agents

  9. Restaurants

  10. Local Attractions


Collaboration Ideas

  1. Throw a Party - This one is awesome because you can get multiple businesses involved. Then have a party, and everyone invites all their clients, and just like that you all get to make new connections!

  2. Mini Sessions - Set up some mini photo sessions where multiple people come to have photos taken in one day. Have a local business such as a florist donate a prop for the photos and you can give then a photo session in exchange. Then have them post the photos you take on their social accounts!

  3. Join Each others Preferred Vendors List - A lot of times businesses have lists they share with clients who are looking for services they don’t provide personally. Connect with local businesses and build a relationship then hop onto each others lists.

We’ve given you some great ideas on how to collaborate with other businesses and gain new clients. Now get out there and start building community relationships!

Spotlight Studio Renter Tasha Copley

Spotlight Studio Adorn Renter

Tasha Copley, the boss lady of Spear Me Pictures continues to rocks it out in the studio. We always anticipate seeing her photos of the gorgeous women she photographs. She loves to photograph with natural light and Studio Adorn is the perfect match for her boudoir sessions.

All of life's special moments deserve to be captured and our renters do a phenomenal job at it! We love our renters and want to shine the spotlight on them to show our appreciation! Plus they all have rocking businesses that should be noticed!